Guidelines for Eating in Our Restaurant

1. Please be patient. This is a learning curve for the entire human population. We are doing our best to adapt to the new standards and guidelines set forth by the government.

2. Mask must be worn upon entry and while moving around the establishment. Order from your waitstaff with your mask on.

3. When your food and beverages arrive, take your mask off, eat, drink and enjoy your meal.

4. Whenever the waitstaff approaches, politely raise your mask back over your mouth and nose while you talk with them.

5. Standing at the bar is not permitted, you MUST be seated.

6. We ask that you do not rearrange the tables or chairs.

7. We ask that you be patient and respectful to our staff as they are navigating new changes to their restaurant.

8. Please wash your hands prior to leaving the restroom.

9. Please exit wearing your mask.